Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Marine Air is NOT safe.

via AOL Breaking Defense.
 If you know a young person who dreams of flying for their country over land and sea, tell them they’re a lot safer in the Navy than in the Marines. The MV-22 tilt-rotor that crashed in August, killing three, and the KC-130T transport that crashed in July, killing 16, are just the tip of a very ugly iceberg. According to data obtained by Breaking Defense, aircraft accidents have killed 62 Marines in the last six years, compared to just 10 personnel from the much larger Navy.
Story here. 

Yeah.  Marine Air is in a good place.  Marine Air has had good stewardship over the past few years (looking at you General Davis).  Marine Air is ready to take the load to transform the Marine Corps into an "Air Enabled" force (ya like that SLDInfo...that is your bullshit meme right?).


Marine Air is broken.

How do they cover it?  They blame the pilots for mishaps when the system itself is the cause of the accidents.

Too many missions, too few resources and concepts that aren't funded properly is literally killing Marines.

Too bad no one cares, and no one is willing to call bullshit on the idiocy. What will they do instead?  They'll huddle in a corner, say that they're on the right track and should stay the course...and someone's little boy and girl will die in a fiery crash.  When that happens and Marines die, there will be a beautiful sunset ceremony and everyone will pause and remember...and then they'll get up the next day and do the same damn thing.

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