Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Chinese getting busy at their new base on the Horn of Africa...

via Sputnik
The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLA) fired live rounds of ammunition at its newly opened overseas military base in the Horn of Africa last Friday, the South China Morning Post reported Monday.
The Chinese base operated by the People’s Liberation Army-Navy opened August 1 as the first foreign base under Beijing’s command, Sputnik reported.

"The live-fire training will help explore a new training model for the overseas garrison," base commander Liang Yang said in a Chinese military report cited by SCMP.  Humidity and high temperatures require the troops to adjust how they complete a variety of basic tasks, as well as how they use their weapons, SCMP said.

“This is the first time our soldiers stationed in Djibouti have left the camp to conduct combat training,” Liang said.
Story here. 

Chinese Naval Infantry in Djibouti getting in work.


The challenge is real.

The goal obvious.

They aren't going asymmetric, they're coming straight at us with a smile on their face and K-Bar Fighting Knife (a clone of course) in their hands.

We better get better faster or we will lose before it starts. We must get hard now.  As things currently stand we are NOT ready.

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