Thursday, September 14, 2017

More US Army armor arrives in Poland.

via FrontNews.
Gdansk: 87 tanks "Abrams", 103 infantry fighting vehicles "Bradley" and 18 self-propelled howitzer "Paladin" of the US Army arrived in the port of Gdansk, which should strengthen the US armored brigade, which is based in Poland. Portal Morski writes about this.

According to the chief of logistics of the American ground forces in Europe, Major-General Stephen Shapiro, all on board the transport ship that arrived in Gdansk on September 13, one thousand eighty-seven units of various equipment.

As you know, after joining the Crimea in Russia in 2014, the United States took the initiative to increase its presence in Europe, which is part of the Atlantic Resolve operation to ensure the continued presence of the US armed forces in Europe.

At the beginning of the year, the Third Armored Brigade of the Combat Group of the 4th Rifle Division of the US Army, numbering 3,500 troops, over 400 caterpillar vehicles and more than 900 wheeled vehicles arrived in Poland, including 87 tanks, 18 self-propelled howitzer "Paladin", more than 400 cars and 144 infantry fighting vehicles "Bradley".
Story here. 

The theory is that forward presence is suppose to lower tensions and promote stability.

These moves are doing anything but.

How would we react if Mexico made an alliance with Russia and we wake up the next morning and they have the 1st Guards Tank Division sitting just across the border?

If the Russian ambassador hit us with words like "these forces are only there to promote stability, lower tensions and reassure allies" I'd be the first one to tell the bastard to eat shit and die.

But we're doing the same.

During a time of budget stress on the military.

During a time when our forces are overstretched.

During a time when OPSTEMPO is forcing people out of the military.

Someone, somewhere is not thinking.

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