Thursday, September 07, 2017

Prediction. The USMC will dump the V-22 and get onboard the Army's V-280!

I had two realizations.  Go to the Bell Helicopter Instagram page and look at the photos they have of this airplane.

It's wings are MUCH larger than those of the V-22.  I don't know aerodynamics but that should translate into more lift, better range and perhaps even better speed if not handling qualities while in airplane mode.

The next realization is that I'm betting the improvements that we're gonna see in this next gen VTOL will render the V-22 obsolete. The USMC will have no choice BUT to get aboard the Army's program of record and get NAVAIR to design (along with Bell) a navalized version.

I was skeptical at first but the more I look at this beast the more I'm convinced that we might be looking at the next Huey.  The next step will be to get them going on an armed version to get rid of the Apache and AH-1Z.

Everyone wants a game changer?  This is it.  They're closer to truly cracking the code.  Next step?  I don't know.  Maybe jet engines that swivel for STOL capability on a larger platform...they won't have to vertical maybe swivel up halfway?

The future is unfolding in ways the planners did not expect.

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