Thursday, September 14, 2017

SAIC still hasn't delivered the final two ACV prototypes...

via Inside Defense (behind paywall)
Science Applications International Corp. has delivered 14 of 16 prototype Amphibious Combat Vehicles, the company's chief executive confirmed Thursday. “We are completing production of the final two units,” Tony Moraco said during a call with analysts. “Testing of the ACV vehicles by the Marine Corps will continue through early summer of 2018, at which point they will make a production downselect contract decision.” As Inside Defense reported at the time , competitor BAE Systems as of early August had...
Forget the news about SAIC/ST Kinetics not delivering the final two ACVs to the Marine Corps.

SAIC is a MESS! This is what happens when you fire the subject matter experts...former Marines that understand the vehicle-will do work till its done and turn to college boys that look good in khakis but don't want to get dirty.  Alpha beats Beta everytime...except in corporate America!

That's not the real news.  The real news is that the Marine Corps is letting the ACV downselect slip till summer of 2018!

If that's because SAIC is slow in delivery or if it's because the Marine Corps has so poorly managed its procurement portfolio that it's allowed the F-35 to bend the Ground Combat Element over the table again is for you to decide.

One thing is clear.

Once again, a priority for the ground force is being delayed.

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