Thursday, September 14, 2017

15th MEU sailing without tanks is exhibit #1 for moving forward with my Reinforced MEU Concept!

Remember the story earlier today of the 15th MEU sailing without tanks?  This is exhibit number one for why my Reinforced MEU Concept makes sense!


1.  The world in which the Aviation Centric, Light Infantry dominated USMC was based on has long passed.  We have seen the birth of Terror Groups that are able to destroy nation state armies.  These same groups have tanks, artillery, APC/IFVs and anti-tank weapons.  They are mobile, lethal and from what we've seen in Afghanistan/Iraq and Syria...quite effective.

2.  In light of the first it must be admitted that the only force capable of holding the line against this type of formation is the combined arms team that the USMC has perfected over the years.  Without tanks, its no longer the winning team that we expect it to be.

3.  How do we get that team back?  We sail as a complete unit and we don't leave gear on the pier!  How do we do this?

We slightly mod the MLP (I refuse to go with the ESB rebranding...that former "thing" known as the SecNavy doesn't even deserve that amount of respect) by building a vehicle deck enclosure.  We maintain its ability to "sink" but we give our AMTRACKERS an enclosure from which they can work on their vehicles and even accommodations for them to eat, sleep, exercise etc...

The question isn't whether it can be done.  The real question is cost and the will/courage to admit that the first two ships of the America class were a terrible mistake and that we have to regain lost capability.

Does that will exist at HQMC?

I'm not sure but confidence is not high.

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