Sunday, September 17, 2017

T-72B3 gets first work out at Zapad 17

via Sputnik.
The Zapad-2017 Russia-Belarus strategic joint military exercises provided the first large-scale test for crews of the newest T-72B3 tanks, which entered service with the Western Military District, the Russian Defense Ministry's press service said.
In its press release on Sunday, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the ongoing Russia-Belarus military drills had provided the first large-scale test for the crews of the T-72B3, the latest version of the T-72 Soviet main battle tank.
Story here. 

Does anyone know of a website that keeps track of all the different types of Russian and Chinese armor?

I like to think I'm pretty well least better informed than the average person and this confuses the daylights out of me!  How many different types do they have in frontline service.

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