Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The 26th MEU logistics effort in Hurricane Relief is lipstick on a pig...

Watch this video carefully.  It sounds awesome and at a glance its impressive.  Then consider the state of Puerto Rico.  Remember that more than 3 million people live on that island.

Then freeze the video at the 17 second mark when they hit you with the metrics of the effort.  10K pounds of water?  A gallon of water weighs 8 pounds.  That's 1250 gallons of water delivered.  An active Marine in a humid environment would go thru a gallon of water in half a day.  So let's be generous and say that a sedentary individual could make do on one gallon per day and be good to go.  Let's stretch it out.  Let's say that one person could get by on 1/4 gallon.

Then think about the population of the island again.

This relief effort ain't working.  It's not the fault of the Marines and other service members on the ground.  We're seeing a failure of leadership that boggles the mind.

I warned about this and it's coming true.  The Marine Corps and the other services are about to get a huge black eye because the NorthCom Commander has failed to get ahead of the curve.

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