Wednesday, September 27, 2017

You were worried about Russia in our elections? China is the bigger threat!

via Free Beacon.
China under supreme leader Xi Jinping is stepping up coordinated intelligence operations aimed at influencing foreign governments into backing Beijing's anti-democratic goals, according to a new study.

Chinese influence operations involve multiple government and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) intelligence organizations that seek to buy, guide, or coerce foreign governments into advancing its agenda, says the study written by New Zealand professor Anne-Marie Brady, a fellow at the Wilson Center.

"Even more than his predecessors, Xi Jinping has led a massive expansion of efforts to shape foreign public opinion in order to influence the decision-making of foreign governments and societies," the report says.

"China's foreign influence activities have the potential to undermine the sovereignty and integrity of the political system of targeted states," the report warns.

Using New Zealand as a case study, the report reveals that Xi recently urged overseas Chinese nationals and ethnic Chinese residents to infiltrate foreign governments.

In New Zealand, several ethnic Chinese politicians have been elected to the parliament of the South Pacific nation, which is a key intelligence ally of the United States.
Story here. 

You think Russia is a threat because they MIGHT have bought ads on Facebook?

That's nothing compared to what China is doing.

I keep shouting but no one is listening.  China is the threat.  They are seeking to eradicate the US from the face of the earth.

We have a report that they are seeking to actually setup 5th columns in the West and not one major news organization is reporting on it?

I consider this stunning.

Remember this.  When the history is written of why the US lost to China in the coming major war, include the fact that civilian leadership, military leadership and the general public failed to identify the real threat.

They fell for political gamesmanship blaming Russia for minor infractions when China was actively seeking to undermine nations of the West on a large scale.

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