Thursday, September 21, 2017

This is inflammatory but showed up in my news feed. Does anyone know of this operation in Syria?

NOTE:  I have several news feeds that link to articles of interest.  Occasionally they point to obscure sources.  That's why I constantly tell you guys that I just post the stuff.  You decide.  About this story.  It's inflammatory as FUCK!  I've tried to find a bit of info about MINA but there isn't an "about us" section or anything.  Additionally I can't find any information from any other news source about Russian MPs being surrounded....but at the same time they have a Russian General supposedly talking about this operation.  Check this out via MINA....
Now this is something you won’t see on NBC nightly news.

The Russian military spokesman General Sergei Rudskoi in his latest briefing (detailed below), in a matter-of-fact deadpan, explains that 'US Secret Services’, and their Al Qaeda proxies, had a very, very bad day yesterday.

Americans love bombing small, defenseless countries into the stone age, it’s part of their culture like baseball, apple pie, and obesity. One of the things they never do, however, is pick on a country that can fight back.

Well this time they messed with the Russian Bear and so... reality ensued.

Yesterday, according to General Rudskoi, an army of “moderate” decapitators, directed by their ‘US Secret Service’ handlers and special ops, double-crossed the Russians by violating a ceasefire agreement, launched an attack with tanks and artillery on the Syrian Government north of Hama in the de-escalation zone, in an attempt to halt the Syrian Army’s successful advance.

A key part of the plan was to capture 29 lightly armed Russian soldiers (military police), which would have been a major embarrassment for Moscow.

Here’s where the story gets gripping.

The 29 Russians were trapped for several hours by the militants, engaged in a heavy fire-fight for their very survival.

Finally, a Spetsnaz (Russian Special Operations) unit, partially composed of ‘military natives of the North Caucusus’ (these are probably Chechens, one of the fiercest soliders in Russia), broke through the terrorist line.

Then, like lightning over the skies of Syria, Russian Sukhoi jets conducted pinpoint strikes against the opposition force, which was subsequently bombarded with an artillery salvo, providing cover for the Russian rescue squad.

They successfully reached their comrades, and though three operators were injured, Russia suffered no casualties. How many US "advisors" to Al Nusra were lost is not known. The US does not report losses in covert operations.
The story and vid (along with pics of dead rebels) is here. 

Let's do this.

Assume that there was a fight but assume that the terrorists weren't being directed by US Special Ops.

Or better yet.

1.  Did a fight as described actually take place?

2.  Who were the Russians actually fighting?  Moderates under our direction or not?

3.  Is this part of a psyops campaign by Macedonia?

I just don't know.  You guys play detective and figure out the truth, motivations etc...with this thing.

Head is hurting again.

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