Monday, September 11, 2017

Warhammer News. ASEAN Blog put forward some worrying articles form a view of someone in the region.

Do you visit ASEAN Blog?

Its written by a bubba that resides in the Pacific and he can usually be counted on to find articles that focus on that region that hits on subjects from a different perspective than those found in the West or catches info that is not even covered here.  Below are several articles that caught my attention and raise the chances of combat in Korea from probable to it's gonna happen they just haven't told us.
Trump will urge UN to impose North Korean naval blockade and oil embargo

The US will embark on an aggressive effort to tighten North Korea’s isolation on Monday with a call for an oil embargo and a partial naval blockade.

A draft United Nations resolution seen by the Observer would also block textile exports and the hiring of North Korean labour by foreign countries. The American delegation has called for the UN security council to debate the draft, in an attempt to force decisive action following last Sunday’s massive nuclear test of a bomb, Pyongyang’s sixth.

The most striking language in the resolution authorises naval vessels of any UN member state to inspect North Korean ships suspected of carrying banned cargo and to use “all necessary measures to carry out such inspections”. The implications of such a resolution would be far-reaching. Any attempt to board or divert a North Korean vessel could trigger an exchange of fire.
Story here. 
The US military wants permission to start hunting down North Korean ships using ‘all necessary measures’

In the aftermath of Pyongyang’s ground-shakinghydrogen bomb test, the US has circulated a proposal around the UN Security Council that would grant its Navy unprecedented powers to use “all necessary measures” to hunt down North Korean ships at sea, the New York Times reports.

The resolution would let the US stop all shipments of crude oil, petroleum, and natural gas to North Korea, according to The Times.

Such a step would cause many in North Korea to freeze over the winter, which can hit harshly in much of the country.

The US Navy would have to intercept and board North Korean ships and inspect them, a process that would require cooperation from the belligerent nation and make it extremely likely that violence would break out between the countries.
Story here.
North Korea in 'DANGEROUS' threat to neighbour as nuclear war fears reach boiling point

Tomorrow the United Nations Security Council is due to vote on sanctions proposed by the US to punish North Korea.

Brazen dictator Kim launched another nuclear test last month.

The world is united in condemning the brutal regime.

These sanctions would include an oil embargo and freeze of Kim’s assets.

South Korea is a supporter of the sanctions and has grown increasingly worried of its northern neighbour’s aggression.

Now, the North has released a terrifying statement calling for President Moon Jae-in to denounce his allies Japan and the US.

A spokesman of Kim’s propaganda tool, the Consultative Council for National Reconciliation dismissed the South as “puppets”.
Story here.

Main takeaways?

War hammers are still beating in N. Korea.  It's no longer if but win.  Next is the US Navy and allied Navies ready to impose a rigorous blockade on the North?

If this is real and if it is approved then its a declaration of war.  A blockade IS the move of a belligerent against the affected nation.  For example.  If the Chinese Navy moved to blockade Japan it would trigger our mutual defense treaties.

I said hostilities would start in winter.  I guess someone is willing to move up the timetable.  When the first N. Korean ship tries to run the blockade and opens fire that will technically be the start of hostilities whether the Pentagon or White House plays wordsmith/lawyer with it or not.  I'm sure they'll try and push for it to be when the first missile or bomb is launched at a N. Korean target but the results will be the same.

War is coming.

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