Tuesday, October 31, 2017

45 Commando is on deck! Which coast though?

via Royal Marines Instagram Page.
45 Commando Group have deployed to the USA over the last week.
650 personnel will spend the next six weeks practicing high intensity amphibious operations and urban warfare alongside the US Marine Corps, Norwegian, French, Canadian, Brazilian and Mexican Forces. 
I really should take the time to learn their Commando Groups.  Regardless I'm assuming they're participating in Bold Alligator.  Pretty awesome.  I'll be interested in hearing the lessons learned from this years exercise.  I know they're pushing MEF level command and control now vs MEB that was all the hotness a couple of years ago, but what other innovations are they after (oops...didn't post on it but they're also trialing Forward Amphibious Bases or something like that).

Either way I consider this a steadying move.  Corps leadership was in a bad place and seemed to be off course.  Looks like they've regained their bearings and are moving forward.

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