Friday, October 06, 2017

Body of a missing Green Beret found in Niger?


Remember the ambush of our Green Berets in Niger, Africa?  Well it seems that one of our guys was missing and they just found his body in the bush.


Let me keep beating this drum.  We want no parts of war torn Africa.  There are pockets of awesomeness there.  There are bigger parts of brutality that will make you wince.  We need to rethink our efforts on that continent. 

My personal belief?

It's just not worth it.

As a side note.  You cannot embed US forces with so called allies.  Not today. Not in the world we live in.  The loyalties are shifting, its too easy to bribe or ransom information to successfully kill or capture our guys.  If we MUST (and that's a huge IF) operate in Africa then it has to be Company sized actions at the minimum with supporting fires and air support.  Anything less will result in tragedy.

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