Friday, October 06, 2017

Why haven't the Russians retaliated for the murder of two PMC's in Syria?

I've been open in my praise of the Russian effort in Syria.  They sent a compact force to bolster the Syrian Army and they've been successful in achieving their goals with minimal casualties.  Many have told me in side conversations that the Russian way of war there deserves better study.

The Russians seem to have cracked the code when it comes to supporting host nations against insurgency (as evidenced in Syria) and seem more than capable of supporting insurgents against a state (as evidenced in Ukraine).

US Army Special Forces should be taking serious notes...the US Army and Marine Corps too.

But one thing puzzles me.

Two Russian Private Military Contractors were captured and then murdered by ISIS. 

Why haven't we seen retaliation?

I expected to get word of a massive airstrike that would stun the world. Maybe a massive artillery barrage that would shake ISIS to its core.

Instead we've seen nothing.  Why?  If you have an answer I'd love to hear it cause to be quite honest I'm a bit mystified.  Is this part of the new playbook?  Old skool USSR would have had the KGB bouncing around that country grabbing people like crazy.  FSB seems to be waiting for the call. What gives?

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