Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Bump stocks? Only the idiots install them!

The news media is going crazy about the possibility that the shooter in Las Vegas used bump stocks.

The second I see a bump stock on an AR, my opinion of the shooter goes down..way down.

In my opinion only an idiot would modify the handling and ergonomics of his weapon by modifying the stock with a contraption that messes with his aim because it freaking moves.

What would a real gun guy do to his weapon if he wanted increased weight of fire?  How would he mod his gun legally (not gonna touch the illegal methods...they're well known but I don't need the boys from the other side of Quantico bouncing around my house like bunny rabbits)?

He would put in a trigger job.

Check out the vid above.  There are MANY different triggers that will help you put more bullets downrange without fucking up the ergonomics of your rifle.

The news media is chasing low hanging fruit.  I don't know why, cause I assume they have knowledgeable people informing of the truth but it is what it is.

Bump stocks?

If the Vegas shooter used one then he's not only a clown, but also a rookie when it comes to firearms.  He might have been wealthy, educated and acquired several dozen weapons but his knowledge was lacking.  Imagine if he was better informed.  Kinda makes your skin crawl huh?

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