Monday, October 02, 2017

Plunging fire from an elevated position? Terrorist hits country concert.

This is gonna be interesting.  I can't wait for this incident to be peeled back to give us a look at this shooter.

One thing surprises me though.  1700 feet away?  Firing an AR type rifle? 50 killed?  I never believed plunging fire from a weapon system as light weight as the AR could be effective.  Every instructor, every book, everyone that I've ever talked to stated that it was, but I always believed that you needed direct fire with an AR in order for it to be deadly.

Obviously I was wrong.

They haven't released any pics of this guy, aren't telling us anything about his political affiliation or leanings, in short they aren't telling us a thing while they sort this out.  That's too bad.  The usual suspects will be yelling "What's his race"..."Why won't they let us see who did this"..."Why won't they let us know what he looks like".  It would be kinda nice to short circuit those idiots and put them back in a cage.

Overall I don't know what to think.  Sounds more like domestic terrorism and a member of the unknown generation striking back.

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