Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Russia accuses the US of pretending to fight ISIS in Syria...

Thanks to Rogerio for the link!

via Ynet.
Russia accused the United States on Tuesday of pretending to fight Islamic State and of deliberately reducing its air strikes in Iraq to allow the group’s militants to stream into Syria to slow the Russian-backed advance of the Syrian army.
Story here. 

Read the WHOLE story for yourself but consider this.  We aren't seeing as many strikes as we have in the past.

By my reckoning and I don't know cause I ain't there, but it looks like from my chair that this should have been in the mop up stage long ago.

What am I saying?

That there is no way an organization like ISIS could stand up to persistent US airstrikes much less the power of the US, Iraq, Russia and Syria.

If ISIS was the only target that everyone agrees on then ISIS should be an afterthought IF they were the max effort objective that so many claim.

Are the Russians right?

On this I would say yes. 

Are there other objectives that I don't know?

Undoubtedly yes!

I'll believe this till my dying day.  There is literally no way ISIS should take this long to defeat.  No way at all.

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