Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Canada takes first official step to buying used fighter jets from Australia

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via National Post.
Canada has taken the first official step to purchasing used fighter jets from Australia as its dispute with Boeing continues unresolved.

The Canadian government has now submitted a formal expression of interest to Australia to acquire the aircraft, Public Services and Procurement Canada confirmed.

Canada began discussions in late August with the Australian government to assess the potential purchase of used F/A-18 fighter aircraft from that country.

“On Sept. 29, 2017, Canada submitted an expression of interest, formally marking Canada’s interest in the Australian equipment,” Public Services and Procurement Canada announced in a new statement. “Canada expects to receive a response by the end of this year that will provide details regarding the availability and cost of the aircraft and associated parts that Canada is considering.”

The Australian jets are being considered as interim fighters. They would supplement Canada’s existing CF-18 fleet until a new aircraft could be acquired.

The move to try to acquire fighter jets from Australia coincides with the U.S. government’s decision, based on a Boeing complaint, to hit Bombardier with almost 300 per cent duties on its CSeries civilian passenger jet.
Story here. 

I can't quite figure out what Boeing is doing.  My guess is that they've concluded from previous deals that selling military equipment to Canada isn't worth the loss of revenue from the issues with Bombardier.

As far as Canada buying Australian jets?

Weird move. 


They're old, crusty and worn out.  It's not like the Aussies aren't flying the wings off the things!  Even worse though is that if they think they're pressuring Trump this won't cut it.

I saw the body language at the meeting he had with Trudeau and I can tell you one thing.  Trump sees Trudeau as being pure pussy and Trudeau views Trump as being an unrefined caveman.

They won't solve a thing.

I think Canada isn't playing this hand well.  Trump won't back down in this dispute because he has to be seen as supporting US business.  Buying Australian jets is a poor bandaid on a terrible situation and in the end they still have the same old problem.  Will they buy the F-35 or another jet.

My prediction?

At the end of the day they'll opt for the Gripen.

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