Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Warhammer News. N. Korean hackers probed US energy companies...

via CNBC
North Korean hackers used fake emails to try to infiltrate U.S. electric companies, according to a report released Tuesday.

Cybersecurity firm FireEye detected and stopped the so-called spear-phishing attack — when attackers send emails containing malicious links. When a person clicks the link, it could open the doors for hackers to enter an organization's network.

NBC News, which first obtained the report, said Tuesday that emails using fake invitations to fundraisers were used to target victims. FireEye made clear that the spear-phishing campaign did not compromise or manipulate any of the industrial control systems that regulate the supply of power. The researchers found no evidence that North Korean-linked actors have the capability at this time. Instead, it was likely a intelligence gathering exercise.

"This activity was early-stage reconnaissance, and not necessarily indicative of an imminent, disruptive cyber attack that might take months to prepare if it went undetected," FireEye said in a report.
Story here. 

This is interesting.

Could this mean that if N. Korea is attacked kinetically, even in a limited strike then they'll respond in the cyber realm?

If so then this raises the stakes tremendously.

Let me hit you with a hypothetical.

What if the US gets a green light from China and Russia for a limited strike against N. Korea.  What if that green light comes with assurances that we won't decapitate the govt and in return China will not allow the N. Koreans to launch nuclear missiles or an artillery barrage against S. Korea/Japan.

But what happens if they do go cyber against Los Angeles and/or San Diego? What if those cities are in the dark for weeks?

How would we retaliate?

Could an attack of this type on major US cities justify nuclear retaliation? How about a massive conventional attack?

Last question.

Is the Pentagon adding this tidbit to their list of possible enemy reactions?

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