Friday, October 06, 2017

Why do we always talk 57mm for big guns for light vehicles? Why have you forgotten about the 90mm?

The NFL is a copycat league.  That's a given and everyone knows it.  What few people seem to realize is that defense procurement is a copycat league too!

Whenever we talk about putting big guns on light vehicles the standard bearer currently is the 57mm.  If people talk about going bigger the default is all the way up to MBT guns like the 105mm or 120mm.

But what about the proven and capable 90mm?

You're talking about the allies solution to the 88mm during WW2.  You're talking about a weapon that can provide EFFECTIVE support to infantry during the assault and can bust bunkers while maneuvering with the the force, not having to call in air to use multi-million dollar munitions to do the samething.

For some reason ground forces around the world have defaulted to 30/35mm, 40mm and in the case of the Russians, the 57mm.


We have an effective middleweight gun just begging to be put in the game.

Expand your thinking!

A modern 90mm gun is the ultimate solution!

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