Friday, October 06, 2017

How many of you remember the Bundy Ranch standoff? Well they're going to court...

via UPI
 It's that time of year again: The Bundys are going to trial.

This fall, brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy and their father, Cliven, will face charges over a standoff with federal officials in a dispute over federal lands in Nevada.

Many are wondering if they'll be let off the hook. The two Bundy brothers were acquitted in an October 2016 trial for a different standoff in Oregon. The jury's "not guilty" verdict on conspiracy charges for the Oregon standoff struck much of the public as shockingly lenient.

As a law professor who researches rural land use and juries, I've found that both conflicts over public lands and jury decisions often bring up the same question: Who gets to decide what justice is in America?
Story here. 

Make sure to read the story.  It's not so much about the upcoming trial but more about why the Bundy's were found not guilty in Oregon.  They touch on many hot button issues and I'm just not in the mood.  Most can talk about issues reasonably but there are quite a few idiots that take it too far (guess they think this is an affiliate of Storm Front) and I have to bring out the ban hammer.  I will again if necessary, but that's not what makes this interesting to me.

I predicted/thought/hoped that the Feds would make nationwide arrests of participants at the Bundy standoff after people migrated home and the tempers had died down.

From what I can tell they arrested a FEW people but he VAST majority got away scot free.


I can't put my finger on it but it does tell us something about Federal Law Enforcement that should give us pause.

Was it decided that they couldn't successfully prosecute people for this standoff so why bother?

Were these people tracked down, "dealt with" and used to penetrate the militia movement (I notice that since the Oregon stand off the militia movement has been VERY quiet)?

Did they disappear some people into a supermax?

I have no idea but I sure would like the answers.  If its as simple as them deciding that they couldn't get a prosecution so why bother then that tells us that armed standoffs work.

What I would like to see (poor wording but I can't think of a better way to say this) is an armed standoff during the Trump era.  Not because Trump is president but because Sessions is the Attorney General.  I would like to see how he would respond to such circumstances.  He portrays himself as being almost hyper law and order so what would he order Federal Agents to do?

Questions.  I'm left with many questions about this event.

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