Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Airbus Defence & Space - 5th Generation Stealth Fighter Unveiled

Wow.  Talk about variations on the US airpower roadmap!  I miss the days when Europe actually approached problems and came up with different solutions.  Those days are over it would appear.

The only thing I'm seeing different in this vid is that they're using European systems to do the samething that the US is planning to do.

I guess that F-35 briefing served not only the German Air Force but also AirBus well.

As far as that new fighter?  Not impressed.  It looks like a slightly modified Advanced Super Hornet with twin engines.  The Japanese have a much more impressive offering on tap.

What does this mean?

I think we're they're gonna wind up with a new fighter that will be called 5th gen but will actually be in the same class as the Advanced Super Hornet.

The only saving grace is if the Europeans have actually crunched numbers and determined that stealth is dead (as I believe).

If that's the case and if they can produce this new plane at a reasonable price then they might be onto something.

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