Sunday, November 12, 2017

America's Battle Fleet is assembled in the Pacific (vid)

This is the biggest show of force yet in the N. Korea crisis.  I call it a battle fleet because I don't know what else to call it.  3 carrier battle groups sailing together can hardly be called a squadron, and doesn't fit the definition of flotilla (at least as I know it), so battle fleet it is.

If you consider all Navy/Marine Forces in the region then this is without a doubt the "hot" region.  Just eyeballing things I think its fair to say that at least 75% of our naval assets are located near N. Korea at this time.  In that I include Marines and aircraft and ships located on Japan, Guam and S. Korea.

I hope I'm wrong in prediction that war is a foregone conclusion but if it is then this is an EXPENSIVE and deployment breaking action.

No matter how this goes it will have ramifications for the Navy/Marine Corps for at least 3 years...and that's no shots are ever fired in anger.

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