Monday, November 13, 2017

Unmatched combat power at sea....its stark and stunning...

I've been monitoring the conversation on the display of power being put on by the US Navy in the Pacific with the 3 carrier strike groups joining together for an exercise.

Ignoring the cost and the maintenance issues and the deployment hash that will result, one thing is obvious.

We're seeing unmatched combat power at sea.

No other power on the planet can match what we're seeing here.  You can talk about the possibilities of a sub sneaking thru, you can talk about how anti-ship missiles could hazard the fleet but the reality is stark and stunning.

Not many individual nations could stand against what we're seeing here.

In short we're seeing the equivalent of a medium nation's air force, navy and a much bigger Marine contingent arrayed all for (hopefully) show.

We don't have a problem with men and material.  This exercise proves that in spades.  We have an issue with strategy.  To be frank?  We should have curb stomped every terrorists on the face of the planet long ago.  There is no credible reason for ISIS to have lasted as long as they did against the combat power of just the US, much less NATO and our other allies.

If we fail, its not because of men and equipment.  It's because of strategy.

Make no mistake about it.  If the US is ever involved in a battle of national survival we will win...and win big.  It's the wars of choice that we have problems with.

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