Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Conyers must resign, Moore must not be elected but Franken is good to go?

via Roll Call.
The most widely read print and digital media outlet in Michigan has called for hometown Rep. John Conyers Jr. to resign.

“John Conyers Jr. must go — after 53 years in Congress, after a stellar career of fighting for equality, after contributing so much to southeast Michigan and the nation,” the Detroit Free Press editorialized Tuesday.

The Detroit-based Democrat first took his seat in Congress during Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidency smack in the middle of the civil rights era in 1965. He is the longest-serving among active federal lawmakers.

Conyers, 88, is the latest member of Congress to fall under public scrutiny for sexual misbehavior after documents from a 2015 settlement with a former staffer over sexual harassment complaints surfaced this week.
Story here. 

Let me get this out front.  I do believe Conyers should have exited stage left along time ago.  From reports I've read it's quite obvious that the guy is just a figurehead and his staff picks his positions for him...early onset is real!  But ignoring my personal view of the guy, this is what we're left with.

Based on allegation they're asking for Conyers to resign?

Based on allegations they're saying Moore must not be elected?

Based on allegations and an admission Franken is ok and should stay?

The Moore thing is obviously a political hit job.  Additionally its obvious that the calls for Conyers to resign are based on the planners in the Dem party attempting to reorient the discussion to clear space for their plan to put in place younger politicians to appeal to younger voters.

What remains to be seen is how they handle the rest of the old bulls on the Democrat side that are past their sell date.  I'm talking about Pelosi, Hoyer and Lewis.

One thing I was wrong about.  I thought that this would burn itself out once Franken was tagged.  I underestimated their determination to steal a seat in the South.

Conyers will not only provide space for a younger politician but he'll also allow the Dems to claim the high ground.  They'll be able to say that they forced a Congressman to resign over allegations and Republicans elected an accused pedophile.

Of course that leaves the issue with Pelosi, Hoyer and Lewis.  I think the powers that be (read that to mean rich donors) will have a come to Jesus meeting and for the good of the party they will simply not run for re-election while bragging about the tremendous unity in the Democrat party.

I need to be a bit politically incorrect now so bear with me.

These are all highly educated, accomplished public officials.  If they're having trouble dealing with the opposite sex then was it so crazy for those of us to raise alarm bells on how we would integrate women into combat arms?

It's just a question so don't kill the messenger....just tell me where I'm wrong.

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