Friday, November 24, 2017

Jesus! The FC-31 is looking like a beast!

Back off cowboy.  I know what I've said about the F-35.  I stand by every word too!  If the plane had come in on time and on budget then all would be roses in Marine land (not to mention the other services and our allies), but it didn't so I body slam the plane every chance I get.

Now turning to the FC-31.

Let make you a bet.  I bet the plane is not saddled with the weight problems that the F-35 has.  I bet the plane isn't going thru fucking purgatory trying to get it's "sensor fusion" together.

I bet the Chinese aren't letting the manufacturer bleed them dry for a few more dollars.

Later I'll try and find some articles on what the aviation experts are saying about the plane but to my eye it looks like a beast.

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