Friday, November 24, 2017

PLA Marines conducted live fire training in Djibouti national range on 23 Nov

Thanks to FormerDirtDart for the pics!

Just plain wow.  These pics serve two, maybe three purposes.  The first one I read loud and clear.  The Chinese have landed and they're gonna be a force to be reckoned with worldwide.  Leadership might be focused on Russia, but I've got my fangs out, nailed them into the floorboard and I'm focused like a laser on the China threat.

The second purpose is a message to the African continent.  They're there in force.  They're not just doing the Special Ops things with the crazy "raid dynamic".  If the Chinese decide to make a move on someone it will be with a fully mechanized force that is rolling hard, kicking ass and taking names.  They will be fast, they will hit hard (especially for the region they're in) and they will bring overwhelming firepower to whoever they decide to bring the pain to.

The last message is to the Chinese people.  This is an overt declaration that they are no longer just a regional power.  This is a show to their citizens that they have global aspirations.  In a more disciplined time the US would show the determination to rally round the flag and to do whatever is required to support that effort.  The US no longer lives in those times.  The Chinese do. This is (at least in my mind) a call to do what it takes to ensure China's rise.

I'll be monitoring Chinese message boards when I get up and going again to see what they're talking about, how they're viewing this and to see what the nationalistic minions are thinking the next step will be.

Make no mistake about it boys and girls.  Russia isn't the threat.  China is the clear and present danger to the very existence of the United States.

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