Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Lockheed Martin's Warrior Upgrade target of potential cuts due to being over budget/late...

via Telegraph.co.uk
But Ministry of Defence documents forecast the Warrior upgrade is a year behind schedule, with the programme incurring extra costs as a result of delays.

Up to 380 new Warriors were to be upgraded under the original plans, forming the backbone of two armoured infantry brigades planned as part of a reorganisation of the army. However,  reports​ last month ​suggested ​that one of these brigades could be disbanded, with hundreds of its fighting vehicles scrapped as part of a drive to cut costs.

A review of the defence spending programme is also underway, which has led to speculation over cuts to the Royal Marines and the navy's amphibious assault vehicles as well as the Warrior programme.
Story here. 

This.  Is.  Interesting.

I've always wondered why they pursued an upgrade program to the Warrior while buying the Ascod/Ajax Scout.  I can see the desire to mitigate risk by having the Warrior up and running while the Ajax Scout was being developed and deployed but the "lateness" of the program killed all that.

As things now stand it kinda makes sense to kill the Warrior Upgrade.

But there is a huge "wow" stuck in all this.  They're cutting muscle and aren't going to replace it.  It doesn't stop with the Army either.  The Royal Marines are also gonna take a haircut too.

What many don't realize is just how small British forces actually are.  If you were talking about the US Army or Marine Corps it would be relatively painless. But if you ramp it down to the size the British Army and Royal Marine Corps and you're probably talking about the equivalent of losing a Brigade/Battalion in the US Army/Marine Corps.

Yeah.  This makes sense but its gonna hurt.

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