Thursday, November 09, 2017

Marine Scout Sniper wins in court!!!! THIS IS GREAT NEWS!

Thanks to Mobeus for the link!

via Marine Corps Times
"A military court has dismissed charges against a former Marine scout sniper who pleaded guilty to urinating on Taliban corpses, finding that former Commandant Gen. James Amos had illegally interfered with the legal process at the outset.
Staff Sgt. Joseph W. Chamblin was reduced in rank to sergeant and orde red to pay $500 after he pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the 2011 incident in Afghanistan, which became a national scandal after video of the Marines urinating on the bodies was posted on YouTube in January 2012.
But neither Chamblin nor his defense attorneys knew at the time that Amos had replaced Lt. Gen. Thomas Waldhauser as the first convening authority in the case after telling Waldhauser that he wanted the Marines involved with the urination incident to be “crushed” and discharged, the Navy-Marine Corps Court of Appeals found on Wednesday."
Story here. 

This is good news and I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK!  Another of Amos' injustices that was foisted on the Corps has been overturned.

Of course its too late for this guy to get his name and honor back...too late to save the career of a guy that faced the enemy and won on a consistent basis but it does prove that justice, even if delayed too long, does exist.

Too many Marines did Amos say it..."crushed" by those in senior leadership that are more politician than Marine.

Yeah boys.  This shit is fucking fantastic.

Note:  I was gonna wait and post this in about 4 hours so that it would be top of the page on Friday.  I couldn't do it.  This is too important...too significant to delay.  Slowly the bad years are being dismissed.  Of course more shit is piling up but one day the Marine Corps will return to its roots and focus solely on warfighting.

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