Thursday, November 09, 2017

Politics Talk....Just some musings...

Haven't done a politics talk in awhile so I decided to share a few thoughts...

1.  Virginia.

The news media is making this sound like a repudiation of Trump.  As much as I think the guy is more harmful to himself than his enemies this isn't true. Have you looked at the electoral map?  Northern Virginia, to be precise the suburbs of DC voted overwhelming Democrat.  We shouldn't be surprised. Those are the homes of Federal Workers.  They are either Obama holdovers or Republican establishment types.  They are voting their pocketbook.  Big govt is their meal ticket and if Trump's ideas of a leaner govt catch on they're in trouble.

This wasn't a real test.  This was the power of 8 years of big govt being used to change a state.  Virginia is no longer a southern state, its part of the NE corridor.  The election there proves absolutely nothing.

2.  Moore in Alabama.

This one has me scratching my head.  It just reeks to high heaven.  It also smells of a dirty trick.  I don't know if the Dems working with the news media tried to time this for max damage but it sure looks like it.  The actual crime happened forty years ago, there are no real corroborating witnesses and if someone did a deep dive into any guys background you could probably come up with some type of sexual harassment charge if he's over 35.  This whole thing is turning into a dangerous dirty slope.  I hope the powers that be and women understand the ramifications of this thing.  All it will take is one false accusation against a high enough profile guy and this thing will blow up in their faces.  But back to Moore.  I'm willing to call it now.  The citizenry of the Republican party have finally dialed into the fact that this is a cultural war. They'll stick with Moore and the elite will accept it and swallow hard.  The old rules are out the door.  If you vote right and talk right and DELIVER then the base will stick with you.  Moore will win on election day despite this "news".

3.  Republican controlled Congress.

The Republican elite have finally discovered their true enemy and it is them. They just can't govern and even though they've pushed Trump to run their agenda during the first year of his tenure they can't get shit over the finish line.  Expect year two to pivot to solid Trump issues.  Immigration, Trade and an Infrastructure bill.  The Dems will only be able to cry from the sidelines and the establishment will be forced to get it done.  They tried the old Republican playbook and once again its failed.  This party will turn populace whether they like it or not.  What remains to be seen is what big business does.  If they don't own the Republicans will they try and make common cause with the Dems and if they do will their base accept it?

Well that's it.  There is more to talk about but I'm gonna go drink a protein shake and take more cold medicine.  Later.

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