Friday, November 24, 2017

Morality Talk. Consumerism in the 2017 Christmas Season...

Personal disclosure.  I've been nursing sinuses and I thought a cold that just wouldn't quit for the past...well almost two weeks now.  This morning I messed around and woke up at 3am and found myself having trouble breathing.

I was in full freak mode.

What does that have to do with the title of this post?  Be patient...getting to that.  We made our way to the regional hospital emergency room and the staff were sold.

As usual they were dealing with the freaks of society.  Talking to a Sheriff's Deputy I got hit with stories of numerous family disturbances.  People that supposedly gathered to break bread and to share thanks suddenly lost their fucking minds and turned on each other like rabid dogs.  If that wasn't bad enough the usual "party" scene ended up with a couple of shootings, one guy definitely gonna die his body just didn't know it yet and the usual roundup of drunk drivers that the Sheriff, City and State Police always gather up at this time of the year.

After getting two shots in the ass for being stupid and not getting on top of this little bout of illness I continued the conversation while I was getting discharged.

One story was about a drunk driver that must have gone ape shit because he realized that he was following a Sheriff's Deputy and instead of using a little common sense (like pulling over, taking the key out of the ignition and getting in the backseat) he thought that stepping on the gas and running into the back of his cruiser would be a good idea.  I always wondered why they run with bull bumpers front AND back but now I know.  Idiot driver ended up totaling his little economy car, Cruiser was only in need of a fresh paint job to cover the scratch.

The second story was a bit more least as far as my audience goes.

I don't consider myself old.  Nicely seasoned is how I label myself.  Just between young and dumb vs. old and stale.  Having said that I remember when "door buster" sales was actually a family affair.  You could go out with the little ones, shop for that toy that they had their eye on and not have to worry about getting trampled, runover in the parking lot or shot by some maniac that decided today was a good day for other people to die.

Those days are over.  Even in bumfuck Egypt Louisiana those days are gone. This morning and last nights tally?  I don't know if dude was bullshitting me but he said that 10 people had been trampled at freaking WALMART!  Of all places someone rushed the doors at Wally World?  Amazing!  At the local Mall their were numerous incidents of FIGHTS!

All that to buy some widgets and other items that they don't actually need, just THINK they want.

Consumerism.  When they right the epitaph of America it will be the rise of consumerism, the fall of self discipline and the lack of common sense.  This Christmas season, buy for your loved ones, be moderate with gifts to yourself but work toward just saying NO to rampant consumerism.

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