Monday, November 27, 2017

Open Comment Post. Nov 27, 2017 and a few agenda items!

I love those Jeep Comanche pickups.  The new hotness is to find one that's rusting in a junk yard or to grab one that's been sitting in a barn unused and bring it back to life like you see above.

Jeep is talking about building a "Jeep Truck" based on using the front end of a Wrangler...sorta like the AEV conversions.  I think they're screwing up.  They should have gone back to the future and just modernized these jewels.

Having said that I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  Hope you didn't make a glutton out of yourself (God knows I didn' ill timed bout of sickness saw to that) and I hope you're back on the grind of staying in shape.

I was told that no matter what you should do three things everyday.  Hygiene like you're about to be inspected.  Work like you're making a million dollars that day.  And finally workout because you only get one body and you've got to task it, challenge it and rip it (muscles...don't be an ass, you know what I mean) to make it last.

Last thing I need to say is that I'm traveling back today from the holiday hangout so posting is gonna be LIGHT.  Still, I have ONE PRIORITY!  I have a book review to post this afternoon and I was lucky enough to get a give away for an item that I'm gonna recommend for the Commandant's Reading List.

Stand by for that to drop later today.

Oh and just a reminder gents.  We're in the Christmas season and for some reason my fellow Americans seem to get more stressed out and do more stupid shit during this time of year than the rest (well with the exception of summertime months in certain locations....if you don't understand than I recommend you talk to law enforcement).

Stay safe boys.  I told you about the talk I had with a Sheriff's Deputy in the emergency room while getting shots of antibiotics and later I heard that a DPS Trooper in Texas had been shot and killed in a freaking traffic accident.

I can't imagine.  Pulling some idiot over and ready to write him a ticket and send him on his way and end up in a gunfight from hell?  Many times at the time and place of his choosing (assuming he knows the area well and most people are remarkably "close to home" in their driving habits).

Terrible stuff.

Don't be a victim.  Don't be paranoid but keep your head on a swivel.  You might like to think it couldn't happen to you but it happens to someone enjoy the holidays but protect yourself and your family.

SNAFU out!

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