Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Pacific Fleet is snake bit. C-2 Greyhound crashes.

via RealClear Defense.
TOKYO (AP) — A plane carrying 11 crew and passengers crashed into the Pacific Ocean on Wednesday while on the way to the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier, the Navy said.

Eight of the people on board have been found, Japan’s defense minister told reporters, but it was unclear whether they were alive. The Defense Ministry said it had no information on their condition.
Story here. 

The force is strained.  The Combatant Commander concept that Bush Jr pushed has failed they could let CC's continue to demand forces at a clip that is higher than wartime is beyond me but the kingdoms have been built and it'll take Congressional action to put them back in their cages now. 

But worse?

People are tired.  They're tired of what they see as being bullshit social experimentation, bullshit deployments, bullshit work and I'm not sure but I would guess that many are tired of walking on eggshells in and out of uniform.

The military will do an investigation into the cause of this accident.  They will propose new measures to correct either a deficiency on the part of the pilot or the machine.

They will NOT take a global look at the force.

They can't.

If they did then they'd realize that the real problem is the way that they're doing business.  They would finally realize that their concepts of operations is wearing out machines and killing people.

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