Tuesday, November 07, 2017

The right is worried about Antifa? That's mental masturbation...the real threat is attacks on political leaders...

via Reuters.
Rene Boucher, 59, of Bowling Green, Kentucky, was arrested and charged with one count of fourth-degree assault causing minor injury, the Kentucky State Police said in a statement on Saturday.

Paul and Boucher were acquaintances, said Jeremy Hodges, a state police spokesman, who declined to say what led to the incident.

Paul’s office said in a statement the former Republican presidential candidate “was blindsided and the victim of an assault. The assailant was arrested, and it is now a matter for the police. Senator Paul is fine.”

His office did not immediately respond to questions about the extent of any injuries the 54-year-old senator may have suffered or the circumstances of the incident.
via Reuters.

Did you hear about all the gun loonies (I'm a gun nut, not a loon) and alt right zealots gearing up because they thought that Antifa was coming?  I sat back and laughed my ass off.


Because what you saw was grown men engaged in mental masturbation over an idea that could NOT happen (at least as things currently stand).  I can't tell you how many Instagram posts I saw where they had guys posting pics of their gear all lined up with ammo being taken out of safes etc...(what continues to amaze is that so many have so much high priced gear that looks pristine, never used and showroom new!).

What should worry the REGULAR right is the recent attacks on conservative/right wing leadership (I could personally careless about the Alt Right....they get curb stomped and throat punched I wouldn't bat an eye...the only sympathy would be to the simpletons that got swept up in that movement).

We had a Republican Congressional baseball practice ambushed?  Now we have a sitting Senator attacked (don't be fooled by this initial report...dude has busted ribs...they're no joke and he'll be sitting in a chair to sleep cause you can't lay down with them!).

We're seeing something new...at least new to me...we're seeing members of a party being targeted and attacked.  What is especially worrying is that it appears that the left and possibly (have to get more info on Paul's attacker) alt right is teaming up to attack centrist Republicans.

The only saving grace to all this is that the Republicans are further down the road when it comes to the deconstruction/reconstruction of their party than the Democrats are.

I expect to see much the same on their side of the isle when they finally let the cork off (or if it simply explodes) and they realize how much they were messed with in the selection of Hillary as their nominee.

My prediction?

Both parties are headed toward bad times.  The old leadership wouldn't leave on their own so they'll be forced out by the new crowd.  Pelosi and her supporters?  Done.  Bill Kristol and his acolytes on the right?  Done.  Even Obama and Bush Jr won't escape this culling.

Forget fantasyland and mental masturbation techniques.  This is about to get real....and for both parties.

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