Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Z-20 "Copyhawk" medium-lift utility helicopter via China Defense Blog

Yeah.  The Chinese are innovative.  The Chinese aren't stealing our intellectual property.  The Chinese are rising because they're smart and NOT because our leaders have given away the bank.

Are you smoking crack?

This is another example of how they've used American greed against us.  So anxious to break into the Chinese market that they've failed to realize that its a communist govt that will NOT play by the rules.

To be frank the Russians are much more open, cooperative and honest yet they're the target of our policy makers while everyone with even a single operating brain cell can see what's going on in the Pacific.

China is the threat, not Russia.

Story here and scroll down...there are several articles and pics of this new plane.  I missed it but it was just inducted into Chinese service not too long ago.

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