Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Country Addicted to War....a perfect primer on the idiocy that is our current Middle East policy.

Thanks to Overwatch DVA for the link!

The fact is that the individuals entrusted by President Trump to direct U.S. policy believe with iron certainty that difficult political problems will yield to armed might properly employed. That proposition is one to which generals like Mattis and Nicholson have devoted a considerable part of their lives, not just in Afghanistan but across much of the Islamic world.

In Afghanistan, their entire worldview -- not to mention the status and clout of the officer corps they represent -- is at stake. No matter how long the war there lasts, no matter how many “generations” it takes, no matter how much blood is shed to no purpose, and no matter how much money is wasted, they will never admit to failure -- nor will any of the militarists-in-mufti cheering them on from the sidelines in Washington, Donald Trump not the least among them.

Meanwhile, the great majority of the American people, their attention directed elsewhere -- it’s the season for holiday shopping, after all -- remain studiously indifferent to the charade being played out before their eyes.
Story here. 

I will be buying this guy's book.  Not because I want an alternate opinion but because I've finally found an officer that is going against conventional wisdom and echoing my own feelings.

We're seeing massive failure in Afghanistan and the war against ISIS would have continued to be a side show to the real effort of removing Assad from power.

I've shouted this from the rooftop but its pleasing to find someone else that sees what I see.

The worst military failure in US history is happening right in front of our eyes and the public is oblivious to it!

All the freaks running around talking about how tactical they are, all the zombies buying flak jackets, Ops Core Helmets and playing barbie with their essence all the guys that want to play Soldier or Marine but didn't sign on the dotted line but claim superior patriotism and military knowledge should know better but don't.

They believe the Generals instead of believing their own eyes.

They're told that success is right around the corner even though we've heard that since the beginning of this conflict.

We fought two nation state armies and defeated them in 4 years during WW2 but have been paralyzed by savages in sandals that have a taste for sex with farm animals.

We claim that we have the most sophisticated force in the history of man but we're stopped by primitives that live in hills and smoke dope all day long.

I don't know who should be more ashamed.

The Generals for not doing better and not being honest with the American people.

The boosters that ignored common sense and insisted that we listen to failed leadership.

Or maybe its everyone in the US.  We are wasting treasure, and more importantly losing our sons and daughters to a country that is not worth our time.


Because leadership won't admit that they don't have a clue...or a solution to win the war.

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