Thursday, December 14, 2017

Cyborg vs Holm. Dec 30. Is it a fight if you know the outcome before the bell?

Wow.  So we get to see this again?  Is it a fight if we know the outcome before the bell?

We know Cyborg is gonna pulverize Holm.  Don't care who you're a fan of the outcome of this fight is obvious.

I wish Cyborg would learn better English.  She will never be the kind of star she's hoping for in the US unless she can put a few words together for endorsements, acting opportunities etc. 

I know MMA is HUGE in Brazil but I don't know if the economic opportunities equal what she could have in the US.

Regardless Holm's will put up a valiant effort but I see this ending early in the 2nd round.  Why 2?  Because Cyborg will feel her out and not want to run into a lucky punch.  Once she tastes the best that Holm's can give she'll get aggressive and end it quick.  Maybe 2 but no more.

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