Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Combat Assault Company conducts long range swim by Sgt. Alex Kouns

Note:  You haven't seen Combat Cameramen credited for their photos because on some platforms, they aren't listed.  If it ain't there I can't post it.

I wonder how far out is considered long range for an AAV.  Additionally I wonder if they're testing just the crews or if infantry is involved to see how effective they'll be after a long trip to the beach.

Not sure if I have my history right but during WW2 the LVTs would swim circles while waiting for naval guns and aviation to prep the beach and that they could sometimes wait for a couple of hours before making the run to the beach.

If we use that example for a guide then that means that you're looking at what...16 maybe 24 miles from the beach?

Definitely need more info on this.

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