Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Israel Declares F-35I Adir Combat Capable....does this even have meaning anymore?

Lockheed Martin is predictably chest thumping following the IAF's announcement that it's F-35's are combat capable.

But what does that even mean?  Does it even have any real meaning anymore?

The USMC/USAF declared the F-35 operational when it can't carry even 1/4 of the weapon systems promised, still has issues across the board and worse...NEEDS SUPPORT OF LEGACY AIRCRAFT TO EVEN HIT TARGETS!

All that talk of changing the way we fight is right.

As things stand the F-35 is detriment to any future fight and will only inhibit our operations while we try and do the equivalent in combat of running a junkyard car with a broken engine in a Nascar race.

Combat capable?  Ok.  But do more than chest thump and give us some metrics we can work with.

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