Thursday, December 07, 2017

Combat Assault Company Conducts Long Range Swim Training Exercise in Hawaii....Video by Sgt. Kathy Nunez

A reader states that studies show that the time on water for Marines conducting an assault by AAVs and still remain combat effective was about 7 hours. 

Simple math says that the max distance (if they're being realistic) had to be 56 odd miles.  Pretty far out.  Damn far out in an AAV.  Additionally I can't EVER recall AAVs swimming from that far out.  Even 30 miles would be considered unusual and I can't find any documentation for testing at that distance.

The logistics of such an attempt would be daunting (at least in my eyes).  I don't know if it's my imagination but sea state always seems a bit worse further out.  Which means that they could launch in sea state 1, cross points that jump to sea state 5 and finally land in sea state 2.

Vehicles break and AAVs are no exception.  Recovery operations would have to be planned for.  Towing an AAV from 20 miles offshore?  Has that ever been done? 

What about rescues?  No one talks about it but AAVs have sunk before.  Hit a rogue wave and you have an overturned vehicle, and while they self right themselves if you have a hatch that hasn't been secured then you have that crazy scramble to get out while sea water is pouring in.  Not a good situation.  Meanwhile you have that crazy reality.  It's dark, you're geared up, the hatches are small and you're sliding deeper down into the ocean.

You would need combat swimmers if things go bad.  If you have grunts onboard and you're a semi decent planner that cares for your troops then you're gonna need an assload of swimmers, rescue helicopters (the downwash from the V-22 makes it less than optimal for this task) and potentially an assload of Corpsmen to help with the injured.

I applaud this exercise but want to know more.  If it was truly long distance then we need to be awe that they even tried.  I'm spitballing from my chair and this was a bear of an exercise.

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