Thursday, December 07, 2017

Qatar buys 300 more VBCI, Rafales, and other gear from France...

via Defense Aerospace.
The Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly welcomes the will expressed by Qatar, on the occasion of the visit by the President of the French Republic, to acquire additional Rafales. She also welcomes the signing of a letter of intent to acquire the VBCI armored vehicles, which had been named winners of a competition organized by Qatar.

At the end of November, Florence Parly invited her counterpart from Qatar to exchange details on these subjects, which have also been the subject of intense negotiations in recent weeks with Dassault Aviation and Nexter.

The Minister was also able to discuss other arms issues and to prepare a Letter of Intent for an agreement on the status of French forces in Qatar and Qatar in France. All these subjects were reviewed during a Dec. 6 telephone conversation, at the request of the Minister, to reach an agreement in time for the President’s visit.

Qatar's choice of French industry reflects both the quality of our cooperation and the technological excellence of our companies.

Exports are vital to our defense industry and the equipment of our armed forces. They contribute to the strategic autonomy and the influence of our country. Florence Parly remains fully committed alongside the President of the Republic to ensure the success of French exports in the field of armaments. 
This story, not the fact that the French are cashing in on arms sales to the Middle East, but that everyone is just shows how blood awful greedy we as a humanity...really are.

Isn't it obvious?

They're ALL GEARING UP for a major war.

We might look at it from a jobs perspective to make ourselves feel better. We might even tell ourselves that if they don't buy our gear then they'll buy someone else's so we might as well cash in.

But that's just half the story.

They're buying this gear with a promise.  The promise is that we'll support them in their next reckless expedition to do some type of stupidity.

A writer in Asia when explaining why US, Russian, and European gear was so popular said that in many cases it was the add-on benefits and not the gear itself that made the sale.

In this instance they're hoping for support from the French.  The Saudis want the same from the US.

My plea?

Sell them anything they want but don't attach strings that include our national treasure to the buy.  Don't promise our support and more importantly our forces to their next stupid fight.

If we do things as they've always been done then we're making short term deals that have long term consequences...detrimental consequences to the countries of the West. 

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