Friday, December 01, 2017

I despise Nazis but this is becoming alarming...

via Yahoo News.
Tony Hovater, the Nazi sympathizer profiled by the New York Times over the weekend, revealed that it has since cost him his job and his house.

The 29-year-old New Carlisle, Ohio resident told The Washington Post that he, his wife and his brother-in-law had all been fired from the restaurant where they all worked, and that he had been forced to relocate due to financial reasons and concerns for his own safety.

“It’s not for the best to stay in a place that is now public information,” he told the paper. After the Times profile was published on Saturday, someone published Hovater’s address online. “We live alone. No one else is there to watch the house while I’m away.”

In a statement on Wednesday, 571 Grill & Draft House issued a statement saying it was unaware of Hovater’s political views and felt it necessary to terminate his employment when the restaurant became “swamped with phone calls and social media messages that are threatening and intimidating to both us and our employees.”

“We felt it necessary to fully sever the relationship with them in hopes to protect our 20 other employees from the verbal and social media threats being made from individuals all over the country, and as far as Australia. We neither encourage nor support any forms of hate within our establishment,” the statement said.
Story here. 

When the idiots marched in Charlottesville shouting "blood and soil" carrying torches at night I was pissed.  Going "Punisher" on them all was a favorite fantasy (and one I would never carry out).

I watched video of them isolating individual protesters and assaulting them, saw a young woman run down and even saw one of them fire a pistol in view of law enforcement with nothing being done.

Then it happened.

Internet geeks used some type of facial recognition, compared it to Facebook pages and these guys were being ruined one by one.

At first I thought awesome.  Couldn't happen to more deserving bastards.

That was then.  This is now.  Now I wonder.  Are we getting a bit carried away?

I don't like certain people.  I have that right, this is America.  I can think they're pond scum but they have the right to march (the violence they incited was wrong...they did incite violence too... and forget what Trump said, they aren't good people and forget the people that tried to defend them on this blog) and deliver messages that I find repulsive.

But to have protests morph into life altering events?  To be forced to move because you actually voice our opinion?  To lose your job? 

I don't know if that's right.

What makes this worse in my eyes is the DOUBLE standard that so many voiced.  Defend a violent protest in Charlottesville then get twisted into knots about a peaceful protest by NFL football players?  They pushed the idea that they were disrespecting the flag by taking a knee but ignoring the thought that the flag represents what gives them the right to protest?

Things are twisted and I don't have the answer, just a bunch of questions.  What do you guys think?  All I can do is remember the poem at the top of the page.

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