Friday, December 01, 2017

Sometimes the courts work right...

via Independent.
The tears Barry Robert Baker Jr shed in court as he begged for mercy on Wednesday did nothing to change what the judge thought of him.

"You are a bully. You are a predator," said Judge William P Mahon, of the Court of Common Pleas in Chester County, Pennsylvania, according to the Daily Local News. "You are a coward. In 18 years on the bench I have never had such tangible evidence of someone's moral compass being so askew."

For his crimes - assault and fleeing authorities - the state generally recommends between three and 14 months in prison, with six months probation. But Baker, 29, of Coatesville, Pennsylvania, was sentenced to a total of three to six years behind bars.

If you ask the prosecutors or law enforcement in this county, Baker had it c

It all began in the early morning hours of May 10, in a brutal scene that spurred rage across the internet.

Baker and his friends were outside a 7-Eleven convenience store in West Chester at about 2:30 a.m. when a 22-year-old man with cerebral palsy parked his SUV. As the SUV-driver walked into the store, Baker started making fun of his disability, stumbling around to mock the way he walked, according to a news release from the Chester County District Attorney's Office. When the man came back out of the store, Baker continued to imitate the way he moved. Then, as the 22-year-old stood in front of his white SUV, Baker hit him with a sucker-punch.

Baker immediately fled, running around the corner of the store. Meanwhile, the man he punched put his hands to his nose, appearing stunned as his looked down at the blood dripping onto his hands.
Well deserved in my opinion!

Read the whole story.  The crime is horrible and although the sentence is tough he'll be out alot sooner because of good time rules.

What has me spinning is the effort he put into eluding the police.  Simply amazing.

I wonder.  Do prisoners take special care with those that assault the disabled like they do with those that prey on children?

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