Thursday, December 14, 2017

Is CENTCOM slow rolling/spinning the air to air confrontation between Russian/US jets?

Thanks to Gregory for the link!

via Independent.
American F-22 fighter jets have fired warning flares in Syrian airspace after Russian Su-25 jets entered an agreed upon deconfliction area, according to a US official.

The official told Reuters that the Russian jets left the area, which was above the Euphrates river, after the two US jets sent the warnings.

One official said that the aerial encounter lasted "several minutes", as the Russian jets crossed the de-confliction line several times.
Story here. 

Wow.  The pure audacity here!  They told only half the story and the news media is either unaware or don't care that there is another part of the story that must be addressed.


If I just relied on US sources for new....or even US/Allied news media for information then we wouldn't know about the claim that Russian SU-35's intercepted our F-22's and "protected" their attack planes.

As things stand now we're still lacking answers.

Oh and remember me bemoaning the post from The Aviationist Blog that claimed to get a note from some piece of shit Public Affairs Officer in Centcom?

I stand by my claim that a note to a blog (even this one) isn't good enough!  We don't need anymore MOUTHPIECES that help spread propaganda!  WE need THE TRUTH!

To paraphrase Colonel Jessup, my existence to CENTCOM PAO while grotesque and incomprehensible can save lives.  I have neither time nor inclination to explain myself to leadership.  I don't give a damn what CENTCOM PAO thinks it's entitled  WE DEMAND THE TRUTH!  So get your shit together, hold a fucking news conference and tell us what happened over the skies of Syria and who we almost got into a shooting war to protect...and no, I don't want to hear bullshit about protecting US advisers....I want to know the unit that those advisers were working with.  Were they ISIS remnants or not?  Were they anti-Assad forces that have been aligned with ISIS or not?  It's past time to pressure CENTCOM into answering some basic fucking questions!

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