Thursday, December 14, 2017

UK Land Power MUST be on your daily read list!

You know I've been raving about UK Land Power Blog right?  Well it gets even better.  Do you know the bubba running that joint?  I didn't and when I found out I was beyond pleased.

It's Nicholas Drummond.

Not to go fanboy but I've been following this guy on his twitter page (here...and you should too if you have an interest in military affairs/land power ) and have always wanted a bit more.

Backgrounder?  He's a former British Army Officer, an industry consultant and writer.

Oh and one other thing.  He rejects conventional thinking...which in essence means that HE THINKS and doesn't simply go along with the crowd. 

Think Defense, China Defense, Below The Turret Ring, Navy Matters, Cdr Salamander...and now UK Land Power Blog (to name a few) are all on my daily reading list and should be on yours too!

Everyone predicted the demise of blogging.  Looks like we're seeing a renaissance in military blogging instead.  I'm so glad they were wrong.  Conventional wisdom screws up again.

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