Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Is the Israeli Army doing a "preemptive" roundup to stop a new Intifada?

via imemc.org
Ahed al-Tamimi, a 16-year old girl from Nabi Saleh who has filmed the brutality of Israeli soldiers in her village since she was ten, was abducted from her home Tuesday morning by Israeli soldiers during a pre-dawn raid. Later Tuesday morning, when her mother Nariman went to Benjamin police station, to ask about her daughters, the Israeli army’s response was to abduct the mother as well. The family still does not know anything about the evolution of the situation.

The soldiers, according to local sources, invaded the town with armored vehicles at 3 am and drove up to the al-Tamimi family home. They broke into the home, wrested the sleeping family from their beds, and ransacked the house, stealing all the family’s cell phones and computers. They then abducted the teen girl and took her to an interrogation center.
Story here. 

My blogging has been spotty but I've seen a real uptick of stories with regard to the IDF conducting raids/ops in Palestinian areas.

Up till now they've been what I would call arrests of the usual suspects.  Accused bomb makers, tunnel diggers, and foot soldiers of Hezbollah.

But why would this girl be on their arrest list?

My only guess is that they're prepping for a new Intifada and this girl showed up on their radar because she's got a bit of notoriety and is considered a person that influences thought?

I really can't think of anything else it could be because of my limited visibility on the issue.

So yeah.  This is all speculation.

But a new Intifada?  That would be unfortunate for everyone involved.  It would be nasty.  I hope both sides will let cooler heads prevail.

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