Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Politics Talk. This wailing and gnashing of teeth over the NOTHING Jerusalem announcement is amazing!

By now you know that Trump announced that the US would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  The news media is going batshit crazy.  Activists are losing their minds and everyone is predicting violence in the streets.

The reality?

Seconds after Trump made the announcement, he signed a waiver CONTINUING the current policy of having the US embassy in Tel Aviv.

Trump DID NOTHING but spout hot air!

Yet all the talking heads are acting as if the world has changed, the two state solution DIED because of his actions and that this is the biggest blunder in the history of our foreign policy.

Is it just raw hatred, racism and stupidity that has people reacting this way? Every time Israel is brought up in the news media people stop acting rationally (correction...they act even more irrationally than normal) and rumor is taken as fact and facts are ignored completely.

I really don't get it.

The terrible thing?  I see it even on these pages.  Instead of solid information I get to witness barely hidden contempt for Israel on one side and on the other Israel can do no wrong.  No facts, just ignorance and stupidity.

That's a shame.

This whole ISIS drama?  The US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others took decisive action to prop up those head choppers and no one is paying attention to it.  We even had flag officers prop up the failed campaign against that organization stating that the fight would take 50 years when anyone with any sense would realize that was impossible.

The Middle East is just not worth the headache.  We have oil.  Saudi Arabia is a sponsor of terrorism.  Iraq is just a basket case that should be flushed.  Afghanistan is a land of boy rapist.
We should wash our hands of the mess.

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