Friday, December 01, 2017

Politics Talk. What game is Flynn playing?

Everyone has heard about Flynn cooperating with the Special Council.  What I can't figure is what game he's playing.

What do you do when you enter into a fight?

You size up your opponent.

If you have knowledge of his skills then you take that into account.

You note his experience level, motivation, mindset and other factors that could affect his determination/ability to win.

So when I take a look at Flynn I have to wonder.

Dude is an old skool spook.  He was Special Ops before it was cool.  He knows (or should know) what to do when talking to interrogators.  He was also an extremely capable and NOTED tactician.  On the strategic level he might have been lacking (and I wonder about that...was he so bad on the strategic level as the establishment said or did he have a different viewpoint that didn't support their ideas/goals?) but on the tactical level which in this context would be interviews with lawyers should have been easy for him.

I don't buy his fearing charges either.  I've been keeping up with the story and Flynn was guilty of what half of Washington DC is guilty of...being lobbyist for foreign govts!  Congress is already in the midst of rewritting those rules and K-Street is going crazy trying to file so that they're covered in case something breaks loose.

So he didn't fear the charges.  I don't think he feared for his son.  So what is the game?

I have a theory.

I think Flynn is gonna go fall guy before its all said and done.  I think we're about to see the Army version of Colonel North before it's all said and done.

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