Friday, December 15, 2017

Russians appear to be pulling armor from Syria...They learned from our mistake...

A new video showing the Russian military transporting their equipment onto a cargo ship leaving Syria was released by a Russian news outlet on Thursday.

In the video, the Russian military can be seen loading several armored vehicles that were to defeat ISIS in eastern Syria onto a cargo ship destined for Russia.
Story here.

This is where I piss off many of my readers. 

The Russians learned from us and did the opposite.  They had a clear objective, set the parameters for success and once achieved they leave.

What will be interesting is how they handle all the stuff left on the plate. 

It's obvious that our activity in Syria was aimed not at defeating ISIS but on overthrowing Assad (I dare someone to actually look at the course of this conflict and come up with an alternate theory).  Since the Pentagon has declared that "we will stay in Syria as long as necessary" does that mean the Russians will re-engage if they see the anti-Assad forces gaining ground?

Speaking of the anti-Assad forces.  Will we continue to support them?  McCain did a bit of legacy building before the cancer struck full force but this will taint his memory.

This was just the latest of his hawkish stances

Will the globalist finally quit the field or will they continue to try and "shape" the Middle East?

What about Turkey annexing Syrian soil?  Will the Russians attempt negotiation or will this be the next war between regional players?

What about the Kurds?  Everyone has used them but everyone has also thrown them under the bus.  Will Assad and the Russians give them limited autonomy?

The Russians leaving is a smart move.  What will be telling is if events on the ground dictate them returning.

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