Sunday, December 03, 2017

Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicles...they're coming so we need to get ready...

Above you see various unmanned ground combat vehicles that are being tested, trialled etc...

I have never been a fan of the concept.  I think the logistics of the thing will drive everyone batty (which would seem to mean we need more CH-53K's and less MV-22's but that's a different discussion), the maintenance will be a bear and the energy consumption crippling.

But it's turning into a self fulfilling prophecy because everyone is pushing the concept in order to be "futurists".

With that in mind we need to get ready.  Question.  How do we economically kill UGCV?  Does it make sense to expend an anti-tank rocket/missile on them?  How many rounds does it take from your combat rifle to get a kill on one?  What is your point of aim to knock them out?

The USMC is pushing the logistics/squad support role for these rigs but others are looking at the "tankette" role which means we MUST plan to kill these beasts.

UGCV.  It's past time to take the threat seriously and workout tactics to deal with it at the squad level!  

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